These are the TeX::DVI and TeX::DVI::Parse modules.

Module TeX::DVI
Low level methods to write out DVI (DeVice Independent) file, the default output format of the TeX typesetting file.
Module TeX::DVI::Parse
Class for parsing TeX's DVI output file, calls callback functions for elements found in the file.
Module TeX::DVI::Print
Example how to use TeX::DVI::Parse to print the content of DVI -- defines functions to print content of the DVI in readable form.

Download TeX-DVI-1.01.tar.gz with the latest release.


use TeX::DVI;
my $dvi = new TeX::DVI "texput.dvi";

use TeX::DVI::Print;
my $dvi_parse = new TeX::DVI::Print("test.dvi");


Copyright: (c) 1996--2011 Jan Pazdziora.

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