MyConText is a Perl module that provides ways to index various text documents (Perl scalars, files, web pages, database fields) using the MySQL database in such a way, that queries like "what documents contain words penguin and yellow but not red" (written +penguin +yellow -red) can be processed. You can also index phrases, so that query "little penguin" returns list of documents where these two words appear in this sequence. A work on support of more complex queries, like "little penguin near swim% not penguin flies" is under way -- you are welcome to send patches for this feature.

Perl interface is available that includes create method for creating new index, index_document to add (or update) info about document in the index and methods contains and econtains to fetch list of documents (document names, like filenames or URLs) that contain specified set of words or phrase.

Main goals were:

This module is currently on CPAN and SourceForge as DBIx::FullTextSearch. I haven't been participating in the development lately. The distribution MyConText-0.49.tar.gz was the last release under the MyConText name, and it comes with a man page.


Copyright: (c) 1999 Jan Pazdziora.

All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.