The docclient/docserver allow you to convert MS proprietary formats to other formats using remote Windows machine and the original MS software. The docclient/docserver setup provides the transfer of the file from client machine to the Windows host and runs the conversion using Word, Excel or Office on that Windows machine.

On the Windows machine, the docserver script has to run. It accepts network connections, reads the input file, uses OLE calls to convert that file and sends the output back to client. On the client (most probably Un*x box) you run a docclient that gets the input file, sends it to docserver and gets back converted file. You can also use the module directly to do the conversion inside of your larger Perl project.

The client side, Perl module.
The client side, command line script.
The server side, Perl module.

Download Docserver-1.12.tar.gz, the latest release.

Check the installation steps.

What it does when it works

We are able to convert any doc document that is not "too complicated". Basically we're dependent on features of MS software and on it working correctly. Remember, everything that docclient/docserver does is transfer the file to the Windows machine and the run Word or Excel on it. Surely there are bugs in this code but they are probably not related to the quality of the conversion.

Problems and bug reports

When reporting error, write to me and mention the word "docserver" somewhere in the Subject line. Add info about versions of the modules and output of perl -V, on both sides if appropriate.

You can also add the input doc/xls file that causes you problem (attachment is fine, try to gzip it first).


Copyright: (c) 1997--2002 Jan Pazdziora

Pieces of code by Michal Brandejs (client side post processing) and Pavel Smerk (server side hacking).

All rights reserved. This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.