Jan Pazdziora

fluent English, passive Slovak, German, and Russian, survival knowledge of French; Czech (native)

Professional Experience

Red Hat Czech, s.r.o.


Senior Principal Software Engineer

OpenShift Security

June 2017–
  • Authentication and authorization, certificate handling, security context constraints, secrets provisioning and lifetime, user namespacing support
  • Contributions to OpenShift Origin and Kubernetes

Identity Management Engineering

Until June 2017
  • FreeIPA containerization, including deployment in OpenShift
  • Secrets distribution from FreeIPA Vault to OpenShift cluster
  • SSSD/IPA-enrollment/AD-join container for Atomic platform
  • Integrating identity management technologies into Red Hat products
  • OpenShift integration pilot
  • ManageIQ / CloudForms external authentication architecture
  • Spacewalk / Satellite 5 external authentication integration
  • Foreman / Satellite 6 external authentication integration
  • Developed Apache authentication modules:
  • Integration Task Force lead

Red Hat Network Satellite Engineering / Spacewalk project

Until May 2013
  • Lead technical engineer
  • Re-initiated the PostgreSQL database backend support and lead it to production-ready state
  • Feature lead for SELinux support which allowed to move the existing product to Enforcing mode
  • Release nanny of multiple release of the Spacewalk project (Satellite's upstream), most active contributor, reviewed hundreds of patches
  • Ambassador of interests of Spacewalk community of users and contributors
  • Feature lead of script based reporting
  • Initiated and steered multiple infrastructure improvements especially for the build and automation systems (internal processes and systems, Spacewalk's koji in EC2)
  • Verified and introduced new technologies to the product (migration to Apache 2 / mod_perl 2, RHEL 5, multiple Fedora versions, Tomcat 7)
  • Database schema migration and validation (co-authored two patents)
  • Handling security issues of the product and upstream project
  • Debugger of hundreds of customer reported cases and escalations, focus on network and database issues
  • Bugfix backporting for maintenance releases, hotfix request processing
  • Interviewed over 60 candidates for software engineering and QA positions
  • Informal mentor to new team members
  • Held both company-internal and external presentations on Spacewalk and SELinux, tutored introductory and advanced Perl courses
  • Strong advocate of doing the right thing, not the easy thing, focusing on long term impact vs. short term gain

Technology used includes: golang, Perl, Python, Java, C, Oracle / PL/SQL, PostgreSQL / PL/pgSQL; Xen, KVM; Linux, Solaris; Linux containers; system provisioning / kickstarting; puppet, ansible

Principal Software Engineer until March 2015.

SkyNet, a.s.


IT Analyst and Software Developer

Billing of voice services

  • Responsible for analysis, design, and development; team lead
  • Process coordination both within the company and with with external partners and customers (interconnect, deployment of the system for other companies)
  • The billing software allowed the company to successfully enter the voice services market

Other internal systems

  • Analysis and development of domain management and domain registrar system
  • Supervised development of system for order processing and service provisioning
  • Development, certification, and deployment of domain registration system
  • Connections to legacy systems, invoicing / reporting / controlling, providing database systems know-how

Technology used included: Perl / mod_perl, Oracle / PL/SQL, XML / XSLT, HTML / CSS / JS / DOM

Masaryk University


IT Analyst and Software Developer

Information System of Masaryk University — administration of studies and scientific research

  • Analysis, architecture specification and design of data model, development of system environment and core modules, application development
  • Connections to other university information resources, on-line data transfers
  • Electronic applications for admission, payment processing
  • Deployment of the system for other institutions (outsourcing)
  • Document management system, including conversions of proprietary formats
  • Support for ECTS adoption at university level including modification of university regulations, coordination with rector's office

Technology used included: Perl / mod_perl, Oracle / PL/SQL, RPC

Speedlink GmbH, Berlin


Programmer (remote, contractor)


  • Analysis and design of cluster solution for mailing-list archive (clustered MySQL, mod_perl)

Masaryk University, Faculty of Informatics


Network Administrator

  • Administration of Unix servers and computer networks (IRIX, Linux, Solaris; ATM)


Masaryk University, Faculty of Informatics


PhD degree, Informatics

PhD dissertation Data-Centric Web Application Framework

Masaryk University, Faculty of Informatics


Master degree (Mgr.), Informatics

Master thesis Linebreaking and pagebreaking algorithms in computer typesetting

Other Formal Qualification

Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA)


License # 110-914-611

Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist (RHCDS)


Red Hat Certified Security Specialist (RHCSS)


Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)


Teacher Training Program


Pedagogical and Presentation Experience

Invited lecture about external identities


Part of course Autentication and access control

Technical advisor for bachelor and master projects and theses


Topics included identity management, Apache and Nginx modules, networking and security

Training and tutoring Perl programming language


Supervisor and advisor for bachelor and master projects and theses


Topics included format and protocol processing, database systems

Teacher of Database Systems Seminar


Other projects and interests

  • Internal data layers in Web applications utilizing XML (RayApp)
  • Perl modules, Cstools, Docserver, TeX::(DVI|Hyphen), Font::TFM, MyConText, available on CPAN under GPL and Artistic Licences
  • Internationalization of PostgreSQL collation (nls_string), Czech and UTF-8 (UCA) linguistic sorting and collation modules for the MySQL database server
  • Numerous patches to open source software projects
  • Process streamlining in educational organization
  • Computer typography
  • Software localization