Texts about Perl

Perl course 101

Introductory Perl course

  • Hello world
  • Variables (scalar)
  • Local variables declared
  • Strict hello world
  • Numeric vs. string operations
  • Reading input
  • $_
  • Looping from command line
  • Regular expressions
  • One-liners
  • Explicit open of files
  • Arrays
  • List context
  • Hashes (associative arrays)
  • Functions
  • References
  • Using objects
  • Input data
  • Use characters internally
  • Specify encoding per filehandle
  • Change encoding mid-write
  • UTF-8 in source
  • Conversions
  • Self-assessment
Perl course 201

Followup Perl course

  • Hello world
  • Parsing email (MIME::Parser)
  • Parsing email (Mail::Message)
  • Parsing email (Email::MIME)
  • Parsing XML
  • Work with XML and digests
  • Interact with the Web
  • Longer sessions on the Web
  • Databases
  • Self-assessment
Perl course 301

The final part of the Perl course series

  • Mirroring yum metadata
  • Adding a comment to bugzilla
  • Populating database table
  • Packages, modules
  • Classes, objects
  • Subclasses
  • Plain CGI
  • CGI::Simple
  • mod_perl
Perl the correct, standard, and clean way

Tutorial for EurOpen 2004

It contains both mandatory intro to the language features, and more interesting topics, including Unicode and UTF-8 and handling Czech data, DBI, and mod_perl.

In Czech.

Texts which are obsolete

The following documents were written for Perl 5.004 which is ancient by today's standards. I keep them here primarily as archive.

In Czech.

Introduction to Perl

Lecture notes for the PV005 Computer network services course at Faculty of Informatics, Masayk University where I had guest lectures about Perl and its applications in years 1998--2004. The are also available as PostScript and there are also slides for the overhead projector (PostScript).

Introduction to Perl 2 -- modules (only in PostScript)

Second part of the lecture, which focuses on use of Perl modules.

In the lecture I show some examples of using Perl and modules from CPAN for building network applications.

Introduction to CPAN and Perl modules

Article for Linuxové noviny from 1998