Minimizing workstation installation

Running commands even if the packages are not installed on my workstation., 27th January 2018

IPAaaS: turning complex application to a service

Containerization of FreeIPA server and running it under OpenShift PaaS., 28th January 2017

Managing sudo rules for Fedora Atomic Host

SSSD container can resolve sudo rules from FreeIPA/IdM.

Atomic, with and without Atomic

System service like SSSD for Atomic host, and not just for Atomic., 6th February 2016

SSSD in container on Fedora Atomic Host

Running SSSD in a container to provide services to the Atomic host, without being installed on the host itself.

SSSD in container on Fedora

Older variant of the above document, for non-Atomic Fedora installations.

Complex application in container

The experience of containerizing FreeIPA.

CloudOpen Europe, 5th October 2015

Inspecting docker containers for volume information

The docker inspect format for volumes has changed in Docker 1.8.

Stay on minor version of operating system

You carefully chose an older base image but subsequent yum install/yum upgrade upgrades to latest bits.